Fineopolis Al Maali Training Institute

FINEOPOLIS & ALMAALI Institute is the first Islamic finance institute with an SDG focus, and a presence in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Our mission is to promote the development of Islamic finance through the dissemination of good practices, stimulation of innovation, and promotion of initiative. We intervene through research work, publications, creation of networking platforms and training.

We strive to make a positive contribution to the development of human capital in this young financial industry, by sharing unconditionally our expertise and international experience.

  • Capacity Building

    At FINEOPOLIS & ALMAALI Institute, we strive to share our know-how and international hands-on experience, and spread international best practices for building capable and strong organizations.

    Therefore, FINEOPOLIS & ALMAALI Institute designs tailor-made training courses adapted to the needs of our valued customers and based on the high quality contents aligned with international standards. Our customized approach in terms of training and capacity building ensures that our clients build capable human resources that can help them achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the Islamic Finance industry.

    Furthermore, in an efficiency and quality driven approach, our team of experts and trainers have designed a set of educational material and frameworks structured according to a modular training architecture. These modules cover a wide spectrum of subjects and topics related to Islamic finance and that can adapt more easily to a wide range of capacity training needs.

    The structured nature of the modules enables our clients to create several pathways for a wide range of learners depending on their specific needs while keeping overall harmony on the key elements, concepts and practices as presented or taught throughout the program.

    Our training team is composed from a highly educated and experienced team in different areas of expertise and different jurisdictions. The training team members executed hundreds of training days for hundreds of trainees from different backgrounds and management levels.

  • Events and Webinars

    The aim of the Social finance webinar series is creating and spreading awareness and outreach about the potential of shariah compliant financial instruments and solutions, to adress social issues and achieve sustainable development goals. The webinar series are a unique opportunity for distinguished speakers and thorough leaders to interact with the global community by sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas.

    The International Jurisprudence Conference on Islamic Economics is an international and regional conference that aims to contribute to supporting the jurisprudential construction of Islamic economics and participatory finance, by contributing to enriching the jurisprudential debate and proposing ideas and solutions based on legitimate authenticity and artistic creativity. The conference also aims to create a space for dialogue between jurists and decision-makers and to create bridges for scientific cooperation in the field of jurisprudential research based on the approach of collective effort, convergence of different points of view, and the appreciation of our diverse jurisprudential heritage.

    The forum hosts annually a group of jurists, academic experts and well-known professionals in this field locally and internationally, to raise a number of critical issues and problems that the Islamic financial industry raises, in a number of scientific sessions, with proposing jurisprudential controls and practical solutions to them.

  • Reports and Publications

    We carry out thematic reports and market studies at the request of our customers related to the issues of responsible finance and the social and solidarity economy. In addition, in a dynamic and proactive approach we repeatedly identify the main problems and trends of the market and address them in logic of participatory and cumulative reflection in partnership with strategic actors. In this case, our approach consists in combining the publication of the report with the organization of a scientific or a professional event in order to raise awareness/sensitize on the market and give more impact to our work.