About Us

Who We Are?

As a global Islamic finance and economy advisory group with SDGs focus:

FINEOPOLIS & ALMAALI believes in a new paradigm that puts finance at the service of development and not the opposite. We firmly believe that for development to be sustainable, it must be inclusive. Thus, we strive, in an often-complex exercise, to design innovative solutions that will harness the Islamic finance and economics instruments to create sustainable economic value within the socially responsible framework.

Working along with leading sovereign, private and non-governmental organizations, we position ourselves as the partner of choice in a constantly changing world. Aligning our strategy with SDGs framework, and making innovation and digital transformation our workhorse, we firmly believe that Islamic finance brings a unique value proposition for sustainable development.

FINEOPOLIS & ALMAALI team will take you to a unique Islamic finance experience through co-creativity approach, the Islamic finance toolboxes, the Product-Process approach, the strategic assessment tools specifically designed for the Islamic finance Industry and unconditional support and assistance.

Vision, Mission & Values


Enable a more inclusive and sustainable development, everywhere in the world.



Our mission is to enable public and private organizations as well as supervisory authorities around the globe to benefit from Islamic finance techniques and universal values. We help them to exceed their limits and achieve their development projects through strategy, technology and sharia advisory services, by boosting their creativity and competitiveness. We serve countries and communities by designing sustainable development strategies along with Islamic financing solutions that are ethical, innovative, impact-driven and adapted to their specific needs and environments.


We believe that the well-being of humankind starts with the right to dignity.

  • The diversity of cultures, approaches and people is essential to the richness of ouranalyzes, the relevance of our strategies and the efficiency of our engineering.
  • The well-being of men starts with the promotion of education and knowledge and the encouragement of innovation and openness.
  • Excellence and consistency in all that we undertake are the keys to surpass our limits;
  • Client satisfaction and unconditional sharing of our experience.

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